Braga Chamber buys an additional 51,000 square meters for Parque das Sete Fontes | Braga

Braga City Council announced this Thursday that it would purchase two pieces of land for the future Parque das Sete Fontes. In total, the land the parish will acquire covers an area of ​​more than 51,000 square meters. In a statement, the community said this was “another major step” for the project. The proposal for “acquisition and management” of the property will be analyzed at the meeting of the local government next Monday.

The agreement with the landowner provides for the payment of compensation of 345,669 euros. In the same press release, the municipality notes that the “owner has decided to enter into a specific contract in addition to construction capacity”; “In this case,” it says, “there is a concession for the general infrastructure (public green park) that is above average,” with three hectares “more”. Thus there is room for such compensation. Within the area planned for the construction of the future park, it was “the largest owner and the second largest in terms of the area of ​​the urbanization plan”.

The municipality also announced that cleaning of these areas will begin after approval. Following the landscape project coordinated by the architect Teresa Andresen, “conditions for the enjoyment of the population” of the space will also be created.

With this transfer of ownership, the public area in Sete Fontes becomes larger than the private area. The 51,608.54 square meters are in addition to the land acquired by the Sisters Hospitallers last year (of more than 7,000 square meters). Added to this are the 11.34 hectares of “State green space assigned to the Hospital de Braga”. After all, the estimated area for running this park is 17.2 hectares in the public domain and 12.7 hectares in the private domain.

The municipality recalls that the amendment to the urban master plan (PDM) and the urbanization plan of Sete Fontes, which is publicly debated, “ensures the security and improvement of the water supply system for the 18th century city, classified as a national monument since 2011 is ”. For the project “30 hectares of public green park, 30 hectares of private forest area and 30 hectares of urban area with the creation of squares, buildings and traffic routes are planned”.